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Best Veterans Day Decorations with Balloons | Fastballoons

Top Ideas for Veterans Day Decorations

Veterans Day in the USA

Veterans Day is celebrated on state and federal levels in the USA. This federal holiday is traditionally observed on November 11th. In rare cases when it falls on the weekend, it can be moved to a day which is closest to November 11th. The federal government observes this holiday on a Friday. According to the law, local governments are allowed to decide the issues of closing. Private institutions are allowed to decide whether to close or remain open on Veterans Day.

What Does Veterans Day Mean?

Veterans Day is meant to honor men and women of the US armed forces who served or are still serving the country honorably. Our nation is proud of all military personnel who participated in different wars. We commemorate the dead soldiers and at the same time, we are grateful to the living veterans who participated in wars and various peace-keeping missions. Historically, Veterans Day was marked as Armistice Day in 1919 when the nation celebrated the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Later, in 1926 the Congress passed a resolution for the annual celebration. Since 1938 it has become a national holiday.

How Veterans Day is Celebrated in the USA

Military parades and church services are organized in many cities across the country. The US flag is flown half-mast. Two-minutes silence is held at 11 am to remember those veterans who sacrificed their lives in the name of peace. Some schools hold special assemblies to honor American veterans for their bravery and love for the country.

Businesses host a lunch in veterans’ honor. Civilian workers can be also invited to lunch to show their respect and appreciation for the military service of veteran employees. It has become a good tradition to honor the families of military personnel through staging events or giving special gifts. A lot of young people volunteer at veteran organizations that prepare special dinners. All this helps veterans feel that they are remembered and supported by society.

Best Ideas of Veteran's Day Decorations with Balloons

Such an important federal holiday as Veterans Day cannot go without good decorations. Latex and Mylar balloons can be used for this purpose. Some communities organize balloon launches to express their gratitude and respect to the veterans. If you have veterans among your family members, you can order customized balloons with inscriptions on them. It can be a traditional message like “Thank You For Your Service”, “Honoring All Who Served”, or you can think of a special text for your veteran relative.

Patriotic balloons can be applied to decorate homes and public places. Balloon ceiling installations may be used for dinners held outdoors. Balloon place cards with the names of veterans who are invited to dinner will add to the table decorations creating a cozy atmosphere. Eye-catching balloon garland can be incorporated over the welcome table in the yard near your house in case you are going to celebrate Veterans Day with your family and friends.