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How to decorate American Flag Day?

How to Properly Celebrate Flag Day?


The Origin of Flag Day

Being often outshone by Independence Day, Flag Day remains an important day for the whole country. The history of this holiday goes back to the beginning of the Revolution in 1775. Unlike the British, American forces didn’t have their common flag. After the Continental Army was formed, the first Continental Colors appeared. It aimed at uniting colonial forces and organize a successful battle against the enemy. As the flag bore a strong resemblance to the British one, George Washington decided to create a new symbol of their fight for freedom.

Throughout history, the stars and stripes have undergone several design transformations. Despite this fact, it marks the most crucial periods in American history and serves as an enduring symbol of the country’s freedom and unity. In the long run, June 14 was established as National Flag Day by the US Congress in the late 1940s of the last century.

Although commemoration of the first raise of national colors is historically important, it is not an official national holiday across all the states according to the law. The exception is Philadelphia, the only state that has designated it as an official state holiday. Nevertheless, people celebrate American Flag Day as a part of a bigger patriotic event, Flag Week namely. During this week all public institutions nationwide fly the flag.

Traditional Flag Day Events

Hundreds of various events like the raising the flag, military parades, and concerts are organized in every state to celebrate the date. Flag raising in different locations is obligatory followed by anthem singing. A salute to the armed forces has become an indispensable part of the celebration. On top of all that, Philadelphia has initiated a skydiving show and a special social event for new citizens.

Both small and big towns all over the USA have parades with military units and bands marching along the main streets and giving tribute to the flag's birthday. The most popular activities among American residents include attending a parade, going to see a regional or town history museum, inviting friends and neighbors, and throwing a dinner party.

No matter how you are going to celebrate it, the most important thing is to fully understand the seriousness and solemnity of the day, as the day of freedom, national unity, and pride for the past and the present of the mighty state, the USA. Unfortunately, large celebrations can be disrupted by the current pandemic, lockdown restrictions, and new rules people have to follow. Still, Americans can observe the tradition and spend the holiday with their families and communities.

What should you do on Flag Day?

It has become a tradition for many American families to visit a memorial in their city to honor the fallen American soldiers and veterans. Visiting a history museum is also a great idea since parents can take their kids to the exhibitions and tell them about the most significant periods in USA history. Some museums offer their visitors Flag-related programs to emphasize the importance of the date. In 2019 the museum in Philadelphia presented a collection of 40 US flags that designated the 13 original colonies. It was a great event not just for locals, but the whole nation as well.

To feel unity with the community, you can join the Flag Day parade in your city. In case it is not held in your native town, you can always go to the neighboring one where it is organized on a regular basis. Of course, if you have a possibility, you can head for New York where the biggest parade takes place annually.

Having dinner at your home is another option to celebrate the holiday. If you want to spend this day quietly, you can stay just with your family members and perhaps a few friends. In case you are after an all-right party, you should invite your neighbors. Moreover, it is common for some communities to organize a block party. But to throw such a party, it is necessary to get permission from the local government which can turn problematic in times of uncertainty like a pandemic.

Ideas for decorating a house for a holiday

Hanging the American flag high at home will demonstrate your patriotic feelings. It should be done following the requirements of the Flag Code. Traditionally, the flag is hung outdoors on a special vertical pole. It can be also fixed against the front door or attached to the roof, waved from a window or balcony. Old Glory should be flown at sunrise and lowered at sunset.

Your outdoor decorations can become a hit in the neighborhood if you use a combination of red, white, and blue balloons symbolizing the US flag and fasten them on a porch or in front of the house. Moreover, you can purchase a patriotic set of balloons and inflate them together with your children to create the Stars and Stripes. Such balloons will create a special atmosphere in the yard where you are going to have a barbeque. On top of this, you can opt for some flag-related crafts to get family members involved in decorating the house.