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How To Decorate A Room With Balloons Professionally - Top 15 Ideas

How To Decorate The Room With Balloons?

It is difficult to surprise guests with balloons decor, especially when the wonderful works of aero designers flash before your eyes. Can you repeat the work of decorators on your own? We will leave complex figures to professionals, but you can try to make simple decor on your own.

How To Decorate A Table

Take various balloons, a helium balloon, gifts or assignment notes, serpentine, satin bows, any decor that you like.

Balloons can function not only as decoration, but also be a part of the entertainment. This method is suitable for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, parties, etc. Count how many guests will come, fill the balloons with helium, and tie the tails with threads. As entertainment, you can tie gifts, tasks, jokes. Decorate the ribbons with satin bows, fresh flowers.

DIY 3D Figures Made Of Balloons

Today many sculptures can be made with balloons - cartoon characters, cars, animals... It seems that everything is complicated. However, can easily create such structures.

How to make 3D flowers

Take 5 white and yellow balloons, 1 red, 3 green twisting balloons, 4 green balloons.

Flower modeling process:

  1. First, we inflate white balloons, and then - yellow ones, only smaller. Red is the smallest - this is our middle part.
  2. Tie white balloons together - these will be petals. Do the same with yellow ones.
  3. Put yellow balloons on white ones and tie them with a thread. Add the red core to white and yellow balloons.
  4. To make the stems, inflate the modeling balloons and twist them together like a rope.
  5. Fill green round balloons with air and make a circle. It is the base of the flower that will hold it.
  6. Connect the stem to the green base.
  7. Additionally, you can add bows, toys, serpentine, sparkles. Using several flowers you can make a bouquet.

How To Make Number 1 Using Balloons

Take a set of balloons of two colors, a braid, and a pump. The more balloons you take, the larger your number will be.

Steps for creating a three-dimensional digit:

  1. Inflate all the balloons;
  2. take two balloons of the same color and connect them to each other;
  3. weave four balloons, getting a four;
  4. using the braid fasten the fours in the form of a spiral;
  5. after you have got a straight line, connect two more quadruples perpendicularly from above, and do the same actions on both sides below.

DIY Balloon Frame Sculptures

Such designs are created mainly for great holidays - graduations, store openings, advertising campaigns. With the frame, it is simple to make large numbers, photo zones, volumetric figures.

How to decorate balloons

Another way to freshen up the decoration is to decorate balloons. Such kind of design is good for a large event and for a small company.

For Valentine's Day, printed balloons are suitable (photos, inscriptions, pictures). You can also make decorations with an element of romance and entertainment.

The New Year's Eve party has a special atmosphere that can be emphasized with sparkling balloons. To do this, you will need glue, glitter, and helium balloons. Pour glitter into one container, and glue - into another. Now we inflate the balloons, tie them with braid and lower them into the glue, then into sparkles. Then you need to wait until your decorations get dry.

For a teenager’s or kid's holiday, balloons can be painted interestingly. For example, arrange an emojis evening and apply them to balloons.

How To Place A Balloon Into Another Balloon

It requires one big transparent balloon and several small ones, an expander, and a pump. First, inflate a large balloon on 30% and place the first small balloon neatly there. Fill it with air. and tie with braid. Repeat the process with other balloons. Fill the transparent balloon with helium. The braid can be decorated with satin ribbons, garlands, etc.

How To Decorate A Room Effectively

Sometimes there is no time to make 3D decorations. But how to impress guests? There are a lot of variants to make your event unforgettable. For example, you can put a lot of balloons of different colors on the floor. But be careful not to burst your decorations while walking.

DIY Heart

It requires a lot of red and white balloons, two heart-shaped wireframes, a pump. Attach the white balloons to the frame, leaving a gap on one side in two places. Cover the second frame with red balloons and attach it to the first one, imitating the plexus of two hearts.

If you do not have a wireframe, use the second method. Attach the balloons to the wall using heart-shaped tape.

Balloon pinata

In fact, the idea of creating a piñata belongs to the Spanish people, who spread it throughout Latin America. There are several ways to entertain guests with a piñata:

place sweets inside a big transparent balloon. Organize a competition, according to the results of which the winner will open a piñata;

instead of sweets, you can put interesting tasks for guests. It can also be wishes or jokes;

also, small gifts that guests receive at the end of the evening are suitable as fillers.

Use a neck from a plastic bottle, a watering can, or any other material at hand as an expander.

How To Make Glowing Balloons At Home

you will need a stationary LED and a coin cell battery. Install a tablet between the legs of the LED lamp (minus to minus, plus to plus). It should light up immediately;

wrap the ends with adhesive tape to firmly fix the tablet and not to leave sharp corners;

place the glowing element into the balloon and tie it with a braid.

The glowing period of the stationary LED lasts approximately 22-24 hours until the battery runs out.

How To Make Ceiling Balloons

This type of decoration is rarely used for organizing large events. However, in order to please your family and friends, this idea has a right to exist. To do this, it is enough to fill a large number of balloons with helium and tie beautiful ribbons of different lengths to them.

Balloon Desserts

Do you like ice cream? How about designing in this style? Take helium balloons, printed sheets (waffles), and a thread. Roll up the paper in a cone shape, fill the balloons with helium and tie with threads. Then we pass the tape through the hole in the waffle cone.

DIY Fruit Balloons

Decorate kid's themed parties with improvised fruits. Instead of helium balloons, you can use balloons filled with air. To create a watermelon, you just need to draw light lines on a green balloon. The grape can be made from tiny purple balloons.

Balloon Fountains

The effort for making this decoration is minimal, and the structures are large and very noticeable. If they are made at a height of 170-200 cm, the feeling is that there are columns in the room.

Walking Balloons

Large figures of cartoon characters will delight every child and even an adult. At the same time, the walking balloons do not fly away, since there are weights in the legs.