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How To Print Personalized Balloons? Top images for holidays

How To Print Your Own Best Personalized Balloons


Balloons always look great regardless of the type of celebration. There is always an opportunity to choose colors from a wide palette of shades, decorate a hall according to your tastes, using latex and foil balloons. But how do you personalize this design? After all, sometimes you want the decorations to look special. In this case, you can always use prints. But how can you do it? And what is fashionable now? We are ready to reveal the secrets of successful decoration with the help of printed balloons.

How to make unique balloons?

Do you want to surprise your friends and relatives? Do you need an original gift that will cause a flurry of emotions and be remembered? There is a great solution - individually printed balloons!

Every person is pleased to receive gifts that are made with a soul, when it is clear that the gift was chosen specially for you and cannot be intended for anyone else.

It is possible to place different texts or images that connect you with the birthday person or simply emphasizes his dignity, habits and special features of the event. Moreover, you can place pleasant compliments or humorous phrases, names and much more!

And most importantly, you can create various compositions thanks to the huge selection of balloons! For example, you can use small products of 5 inches (ca. 13 cm) and create a quest indoors with the original inscriptions on the latex or mylar balloons! Collect a huge bouquet of ordinary latex 30 cm balloons and play with all the compliments and warm words you can think of that will delight the birthday person! Better yet, write desires and goals on the decorations and release them into the air.

But, this season's hit is... Bubble balloons, of course! They look like big soap bubbles (good memories of the happiness from childhood). The biggest plus of such a balloon is that you can make it original not only with the help of an individual lettering, but also with a beautiful filling in the form of bright feathers, shiny confetti, etc.

Methods of printing Screen printing processScreen printing processScreen printing process

Balloons can be printed in three main ways:

Silk-screening is the application of latex ink onto a balloon by forcing it through a special mesh stretched over a stencil frame. The silk screen printing method allows you to apply the brightest and most saturated images on the balloon. With the help of modern equipment, the image can be applied on one, two or four sides.

Compared to other methods, offset printing allows you to get a drawing cheaply and quickly. The advantage of the offset method is acquired by the release of large editions of advertising balloons. You should pay attention to the fact that the resulting image will have blurred outlines. Therefore, when clear lines are needed, you should choose a silk-screen printing method.

Raster printing of balloons allows you to apply monochrome images. Raster printing is relatively young in the printing services market. With its help, you can apply photos on balloons. The image will be monochrome, that is, one-color, but of very high quality.

Can you print photos on balloons?

Balloon printing is a young service that not everyone knows about. Therefore, you have a chance to stand out and surprise guests at the holiday by printing whatever you want.

A photo, a drawing, a logo with a shade transition - all these things can be printed on a latex balloon of almost any size - from standard (30 cm) to large (1.5 m).

How do you put pictures on balloons?

You can apply an image on a balloon using the following methods - silk-screen, offset and raster printings. The most common type is silk-screen printing. A feature of this method is the sequential printing of each color of the picture. Before starting the work, you need to make a layout of the desired pattern. It is prepared in such a way that there must be no mixed areas of colors, i.e. each color of the pattern must be separated. The original image of your drawing can be created by different programs. But it is best to use source files made with Adobe or Illustrator Corel Draw and converted to a vector format.

What is it better to print on balloons for holidays?

A photo of your loved one on balloons will be a great gift for a birthday or at a wedding ceremony. You can apply a congratulatory or any other inscription with the photo.

If the birthday person is a sharp jokes lover, you can use various comic phrases. And vice versa, you can always use wishes, motivational phrases, positive aspects of a person's character. Here your imagination turns on and you can creatively approach the way of congratulating with the help of printed balloons. And experts will always advise you on the best option and method of applying a print on the latex and foil balloons.

Top 5 best birthday lettering

Here is a selection of the best word prints:

  1. Wishes. You can always use this decoration as a postcard. Just apply a beautiful poem or wish on one large balloon, or create a bouquet of balloons with wishes.
  2. Dreams and goals. Usually, it is customary to launch such balloons into the sky, thus making wishes for the next year.
  3. Printing positive traits of a person's character. The birthday person will always be pleased to read warm words about himself.
  4. Jocular and sarcastic phrases such as “Welcome to the next level” or “Congratulations, you are officially old now” are ideal for people with an excellent sense of humor.
  5. Names. A beautiful font works wonders! Moreover, you can print the letters of the name on different balloons.

Top 5 popular wedding images

We prepared the best image variants for wedding balloons:

  1. You can print photos of the newlyweds on separate heart-shaped latex or foil balloons. It always looks atmospheric.
  2. Children's photos of heroes of the occasion can also serve as a wonderful decoration and bring back pleasant memories.
  3. Images of wedding rings are the traditional print options for wedding balloons.
  4. Joint photographs of the newlyweds taken at different stages of their relationship will help to recall pleasant moments from the past.
  5. Various prints of the bride and groom.

Top 3 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness - Most Popular Slogans and Logos

A balloon logo is an effective way to draw attention to an ongoing advertising campaign. Everyone likes balloons, and the company logo on the balloon will be remembered by many people. And we will give you some tips on increasing your brand awareness:

  • Combine the colours of your company with the logo. Everything should look harmonious. If you have colours which represent your company don’t forget to use them.
  • Choose a short and catchy phrase that will associate with your brand. Printing only logos on custom balloons is boring.
  • Be creative while designing your print. You can also use wishes to make people smile. Or it is possible to print some jokes but choose your words carefully.

Cost of printing on balloons

Multicolor balloon printing is a very complex process. Balloons are printed while they are inflated, they blow out, vibrate, bent, and lower right during printing. That is why the price always depends on the print complexity and the balloon size.