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How Long Do Latex Helium Balloons Last?

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How long do latex balloons stay inflated with helium?

There is always a question about balloons’ durability, especially when they are filled with helium. Of course, everything depends on the balloon size and type but there are also some tips which help you to prolong your decorations’ life. We will give you useful information about balloons and their longevity.

Why are balloons filled with helium?

Helium balloons are a colorful accessory that creates an atmosphere of celebration and fun. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous sellers fill balloons with low-quality, and sometimes completely hazardous gas.

What is helium?

To fly a balloon made of foil or latex, the gas must be much lighter than air. Helium is seven times lighter than air, so it is ideal for these purposes. This gas is extracted from oil and natural sources. Filling balloons is just one of the ways to use helium, probably the most fun and uncomplicated one. In fact, helium is in great demand, and its use for scientific and medical purposes is of great benefit.

What properties does helium have? It is absolutely inert, does not react with any known chemical, non-toxic, non-flammable. It is odorless and colorless; it rises in the air and dissolves in the upper balls of the atmosphere. If a helium balloon bursts it will not pose a threat to the life and health of people nearby.

Hydrogen vs Helium

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What other gas, besides helium, can lift latex and foil balloons into the air? There is only one possible variant - hydrogen. By its mass, hydrogen is the lightest of all known gases, with helium taking the second place by a small margin. All other gases are much heavier and will not work if your goal is to make the balloon fly.

However, hydrogen is strikingly different in its chemical properties from helium: it is very active, extremely explosive and flammable. Now imagine what would happen if you fill an ordinary balloon with hydrogen? It would be extremely dangerous for the people’s life and health.

How long does a latex balloon last with helium?

We already mentioned in our articles that there are two main types of balloons: latex and foil (mylar). But is there a difference between them when we speak about inflating with helium?

Latex balloons always look amazing when filled with helium but their durability is questionable. The reason for such a statement is that molecules of helium are very small and they can easily seep through the porous latex walls. As a result we will get shrunken decorations that do not fly. So, it is better to inflate latex balloons at the beginning of the event to increase the usage time (about 8-12 hours).

Foil balloons are more lasting. The material of mylar balloons prevents the helium from escaping quickly. But since the material of mylar balloon is heavier than helium, you will need more of this gas.

How can you inflate helium balloons without helium?

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It is always better to use only high-quality gas to inflate balloons but there are a lot of alternatives. For example, you can use well-known soda and vinegar. When acid and sodium bicarbonate combine, carbon dioxide is released, which has the properties of helium. Also, it will be very interesting for your children to take part in this process.

Pour 100 ml of vinegar into a plastic bottle, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda there.

Now you need to quickly put the balloon on the neck of the bottle. Under the influence of carbon dioxide and heat release, our balloon starts to inflate.

Remember to remove it from the bottle in time and bandage the neck of the balloon. Try to launch upwards - it can fly!

You can also use the air to inflate your balloons.

How much does it cost to fill balloons with helium?

It all depends on the company and size of the balloon. As an alternative variant you can buy or rent a hand pump or tank for inflating balloons that will serve you at every holiday.

Where can I get latex balloons filled with helium?

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If you plan to contact the designers or a company which specializes in balloons then everything will be done for you by the team of professionals. But if you do not want to cooperate with specialists you can always buy everything you need online. Anyway, you should be careful and check the quality of the gas properly.

What temperature is best for helium balloons?

Latex balloons filled with helium and a high or low temperature - are the enemies. If you need to make an outdoor event with balloons you will have to work through all the moments that can destroy decorations and the temperature is one of them. The helium molecules expand under the influence of heat. And it is a bad idea to cool the decorations with the water. As a result balloons will stick together and pop. There is one tip for you: try to use light colors rather than dark ones. The sun rays affect less the light surfaces.

Factors That Affect How Quickly a Helium Balloon Deflates

  • The main factors are:
  • Ultraviolet rays;
  • Dust and dirt;
  • High or low temperatures;
  • Poor materials;
  • Bad storage.

How to keep helium balloons from deflating?

  • Here are three main things you should remember:
  • Buy only high-quality balloons made of good materials.
  • Keep your decorations away from high or low temperatures and sun rays.
  • Use the Hi-Float. This chemical is safe and will extend the floating time of balloons.

Will helium balloons last overnight?

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Pay attention to the material and external factors. It will not be a good idea to keep latex balloons inflated overnight. In the end they may not last long. On the contrary, mylar balloons will live longer and you can live them inflated for all night with no troubles.

How do you make helium balloons last longer in latex?

As we mentioned before, there is a special non-toxic chemical which can protect balloons from deflating or pomping. The Hi-Float can be injected into latex balloons and as a result they will live much longer. But never put them in the bag after the procedure. Because of that the chemical process may slow down.