Custom Printed Napkins

Little details make all the difference, don’t they? If you are searching for a great idea on how to mark a special occasion like your very own personalized wedding napkins OR to boost your restaurant business or to give a fresh twist to your daily routine, ordering custom napkins is definitely a step to consider.

Why Printed Napkins?

custom napkins
  • While in most cases customization means spending big bucks, this is not the case with paper napkins. These beverage napkins are simple and cheap to personalize and add a touch of memorable creativity to any event such as personalized napkins for wedding event.
personalized napkins
  • We use monogrammed paper napkins for all occasions, from your day-to-day needs to a special occasion requiring monogram napkins. Whether it is a corporate cocktail party or a child’s birthday OR an anniversary event.
custom printed cocktail napkins for wedding
  • You can make use of these beautiful color creations with a custom imprint design for as long as you want to keep them. So it’s not something to be thrown away (along with the money spent) once the event is finished.
paper branded napkins
  • Order them in bulk makes for cheap & great value for money. With every order you make, every part OR event is bound to be a winning success.

There is a wide range of purposes like cocktail napkins for weddings that you can order, simply go online on our website and place your order, let us worry about designing and creating the finest personalized napkins for your wedding event.

Set the tone

  • Set the tone for your special party OR event with customizable details that cater to your needs.
  • Be it a 50th OR a 60th anniversary bash, a surprise party OR a celebration at a beach party.

Our personalized paper napkins are sure to catch the eyes

  • Whether you have a wedding feast that requires custom wedding napkins, a graduation ball, an anniversary celebration or birthday party, personalized paper napkins are sure to catch the eyes and add to the festive atmosphere.

Imprint a name, a monogram, a date, a party theme

  • Imprint a name, a monogram, a date, a party theme or even an associated image for your guests to remember the event for years to come.
  • More importantly, you get a chance to show a picture worthy environment for your own complete satisfaction.

Different colors

  • Our napkin colors ranging from coral colors to rustic, to peach colors OR a wide range of shades from pink, purple, red & white are a perfect match for any setting OR ocassion
  • With a minimum of effort, you can drastically change the look of your tabletop, making it unique, stylish and chic.
Order branded napkins
Order logo napkins

Add to your brand identity with elegant customizable logo napkins

  • Order branded napkins on a special occasion like the 25th anniversary of your company, an event that requires wedding cocktail napkins OR have them custom printed to have in store for any corporate event, as well as for everyday use in your company’s lunchrooms.
  • It works fine for boosting your brand awareness and produces a positive impact on your employees, business partners and clients. What a simple way to improve your marketing efforts – fold up a napkin and let it work for your brand recognition.
restaurant business napkins
custom business napkins

Launch your restaurant business with creative & personalized napkins

  • Do you have a bar, a coffee shop, a catering company or any other business associated with food services? Then why use standard featureless accessories, when you can get them designed to make a statement, develop intense brand loyalty and advertise your services and all of the above at wholesale rates that no other business can offer except Fastballoons.
  • Place a discount offer on your custom printed cocktail napkins and get an effective marketing tool instead of having just another paper piece. Keeping in mind that custom napkins add much more to the decoration of your event while helping you create the aesthetics of your venue and improves your customer experience.
personalized napkins for Christmas, Thanksgiving
custom printed napkins for Wedding,  Birthday

Switch your home routine with a bang by using personalized napkins

  • You don’t need any formal dinner or other special occasions to have fun, show your own style and stand out from the rest. Get creative and order monogrammed napkins to have them on hand whenever you want to create the mood and impress your guests.
  • Then take it a step further and acquire themed personalized napkins for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Birthday and any other holiday you celebrate with your friends and family. And they are sure to appreciate your eye for style and attention to detail.

All you need to do for getting your custom printed napkins ASAP is to create your own pretty design and place the order with us.

Why Choose Us?

  • You can select the size of your party accessories from smaller beverage napkins for cocktail hours to larger luncheon napkins and guest towels suitable for major events.
  • You can also avail our extensive collection of stock designs, ranging from birthday to engagement themes. Just visit our stock designs section or start placing your order and choose a displayable design from a drop-down list.
  • We offer an amazing choice of colors from frosty white to navy blue and sunshine yellow. Over 20 shades are available for our customers to make sure their paper napkins chime in with the general color scheme of their party.
  • Fast order processing, printing and shipping are guaranteed. If you place your order by 11 am Mon-Fri, your branded napkins are ready to ship in 24 hours, with delivery time depending on the shipping service you chose.
  • You can order a small batch of accessories starting from 50 pcs or a wholesale quantity up to 5000 pcs, while enjoying our affordable prices, generous volume discounts and free shipping for all orders over $99.
  • We allow for multiple payment methods and shipping options, also providing exceptional customer service. Our company boasts more than 50 years of experience in the industry coupled with state of the art printing equipment and a cutting-edge technology and in-house Graphics department.
  • There is a user-friendly form for placing your order and submitting your printing details with a viewing feature. Even if you are not a pro in art and design, this job will be a piece of cake.
  • Located in California, our company ships party accessories across the country, from NYC to Florida, also offering delivery to the UK, Australia and Canada.

Need your order faster?

Need your order faster? Your event was planned last minute and you need custom printed napkins to ship out the same day? We can do it. Call us, we have the ability to print and ship your order same day at fastballoons.com. simply call our toll free help line and our friendly customer services staff will help you personalize any event and have your order of custom printed napkins delivered to your door step without having to do anything except, placing an order with us.

Forget about napkins made of fabric

We will save you both time and money by printing everything printable on paper napkins. We will provide you with one-of-a-kind accessory for your everyday needs, no matter how small or big your party is going to be. So, don’t hesitate and order our tailor-made products right now & get them ready in 24 hours only!

Let us take care of all your personalized napkin needs, we promise you excellent product with excellence in service and delivery, trust us, we have been doing this since 1967 with a smile on our face.