Custom Mylar Balloons and Personalized Foil Balloons

Custom mylar balloons are a great alternative to latex balloons, because of their size, refillable capability and float time they are out there for you through the entire event promoting your message. This biodegradable & eco-friendly product is suitable for any occasion without polluting the environment or any other concerns of disposing off the product.

Brighten up your special day!

  • Brighten up your special day with our 18 inch Custom Mylar Balloons and Personalized Foil Balloons.
  • Whether it’s a company event or any other occasion, our customized imprinted balloons will make your event unique and meaningful.
  • Our products would compliment every age group & add pizaz to your event.

Your number one choice!

  • Custom mylar and foil balloons are number one choice for many national retail chain stores who look to us to customize and Imprint balloons for their instore monthly sales events, special offers and yearly promotions.
  • These national retail chains include departments stores, fashion and apparel stores, Mobile phone carriers, auto dealers and many other industries.

Can’t see the shape on our website?

  • No problem, we have made special custom shapes for countless corporate programs and campaigns over the years.
  • We offer many different balloon shapes and colours, providing them with a personalized imprint to fit your needs.
  • Our products are there to help you express yourself in the most effective manner and inexpensive budget to get the most exposure.

All our products are absolutely eco-friendly!

  • All our products are absolutely eco-friendly, meaning you can discard them after use with no concerns of polluting the environment

How to make an order and where to buy?

  • Our reasonable prices, inexpensive shipping and qualified team of sales staff is there to help you choose the correct product & colours to make your event more effective & Your clients or attendees will leave with a positive impression.

FastBalloons team is always available to help you

  • Our team is always available to help you to make your event more impactful.

Mylar Heart Balloons

The great way to convey your message & get the right exposur

  • Mylar heart balloons are a great way to convey your message & get the right exposure, simple messages or company logos with the right combination of balloon & imprint colours can leave long lasting impact on the attendees.
  • If you cannot choose the right words to express your feelings. Choose our 18 inch Custom Heart shape Balloons to express the correct message you want to convey for your event.

Different colours

  • Our heart-shape balloons are available in nine different colours, from typical red or pink, blue, white, green to fantastic metallic gold or quartz purple, also various ink colours for your individual imprint are available, you can combine the balloon & imprint colour to create the right combination of your company logo as well.
  • Custom Mylar Heart Balloons

We design and imprint

  • We design and imprint mylar heart shape balloons for national retail chains, department stores and auto dealers for Valentines Day as well as Mother’s Day sales, promotions year after year.
  • Foil Heart Balloons

Star Balloons

Trying to organize five-star-event?

  • Our 18 inch custom star balloons will back you up in all your incredible ideas
  • Because of their size & refillable capability Custom star balloons are a great way of advertising for sizeable company events in an economical budget.

Choose the suitable colour for your event

  • Either prize-winning metallic gold, metallic silver star, just simple onyx black or any other colour to create the right combination for your event
  • Custom Star Balloons

Double the exposer with two side imprint

  • & get more for your dollars. 4th of July, Memorial day, Independence day and other patriotic events at retailers, national chains, departments stores and auto dealers are not complete without start shpe mylar balloons designed and customized with their special sales and prices every year.

Round Custom Mylar Balloons

From sizeable company events to a small party

  • From sizeable company events to a small party arrangement they are the most desirable way of celebrating your events.
  • Universal 18 inch round custom mylar balloons are suitable for any occasion, from company logos to simple text messages you can express yourself in a very positive & effective way.
  • Available in more than ten colours round custom mylar balloons are the best way to bring up the positive atmosphere to your special occasion (birthday, wedding etc.)

Can be printed on both sides

  • Round shape mylar balloons are most commonly custom printed mylar balloons for sales event for all major national chains, retailers, department stores and auto dealers. We print thousands of round shape custom mylar balloons for sales events throughout the year.
  • Just like any other shape Round balloons can be printed on both sides to maximize exposure for your promotional needs.
  • Round  Mylar Balloons
  • Round Foil Balloons