Latex balloons are the most commonly used printed balloons for parties as well as promotions alike. We print several million latex balloons every year both for consumers and businesses. We offer an extensive range of latex balloons sizes and colors, all of which can be customized to suit your event or party. 

Our company specializes in printing high quality latex balloons with one, two, three and four color imprint. Latex balloons can be printed with your own logo, text message as well as graphic. We can even print photo on latex balloons. 

Latex balloon colors come in several categories such as standard colors, pastel colors, jewel color, pearlized colors and metallic colors. Every color category has a unique effect. For example, standard colors are opaque, so are pastel colors whereas, jewel colors are transparent vibrant colors. Pearl colors are light shades and metallic colors are the darker shades. Both pearl and ,metallic colors have a metaled shimmer. Standard latex balloons colors are commonly used for promotions, pastel colors are commonly ordered by dentists and pediatrics for children. Jewel colors are mostly ordered by consumers for personalized messages and pearl and metallic colors are use both for consumer related personal celebrations such as birthday, baptism, wedding and anniversary. In essence, each color type has it unique used.

Just like different color types, latex balloons also come in different sizes. We carry 10 inch, 12 inch, and 17 inch latex balloons for printing personal message or logo for promotional use. We also carry 40 inch, 54 inch and 72 inch giant latex balloons for outside advertising. These giant balloons can be seen from long distances if tied outside with a long string or rope. 

Out latex balloons are made from high quality and echo friendly pure natural latex and are 100% biodegradable. Pliable supple texture for burst resistance, long neck for easy tying and consistent teardrop shape increases the float time when inflated with helium.

Latex balloons are versitile, great for parties, corporate events, advertising, promotions and give-aways. Our latex balloons offer a fantastic way to personalize any gathering.